About Our Bakery

The bakery is locally owned by award winning chef Philippe Feret and wife. “We are here to make Hilton Head Social Bakery a perfect spot for friends, family and visitors on this beautiful Island," says Chef Feret. “We love the people here in Hilton Head, everyone has been so kind and welcoming. We are proud to be a part of this community.

Mr. Feret is originally from Normandy, France and grew up working in his father’s bakery in Paris at age 5. After moving to New York City, he went on to become executive chef of Windows on the World, Tavern on the Green, and The Regency Hotel among others. He continues his passion creating delectable cakes and desserts, which has led to the expansion of another location toward the South End of the Island.

Philippe Feret owner of Hilton Head Socail Bakery and partner Marissa